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  • Kid Missionary

    Kids can be campus missionaries too! K-5th graders use the Kid Missionary pack to share Christ with friends. Read More

  • Campus Missionary

    Your campus is your mission field! We have resources to help students in 6th-12th grade reach out to their friends as a missionary. Read More

  • Prayer Force

    Get involved by praying for the schools in your area! We have helpful resources for you! Read More

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  • New Stories

    Christian Club President
    This year is my first year as my high school’s Christian Club president. It is definitely a big responsibility, but God has been super faithful! Just as He promises to be ever faithful. To be honest, I have been feeling defeated at school and in life. I sometimes feel like even though I am doing my absolute [...]
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  • New Stories

    Halie – Witness in Sports
    Since my last report, I’ve started prayers before every home boys basketball game at my school. I stuttered through it the first time but I had many people from the crowd tell me they were pleased afterward. We even got a letter from the opposing team stating that they were thrilled to see students expressing [...]
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  • New Stories

    God does amazing things through Moriah!
    On a Monday in October, Moriah’s friend confessed to her that she had thought about suicide. Moriah invited her to go to  church on Wednesday. That same day, only 8 days after Moriah signed up as a Campus Missionary, she received her  Firepack. She felt the Lord  telling her to give her friend a copy [...]
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  • Tina

    One of my good friends recently got baptized and was saved. Just a couple months ago he was using drugs and was in trouble with the law...

  • Elizabeth

    I've had the opportunity to tell two full public school classrooms what campus missions is all about and how I'm involved.

  • Rachael

    I am so Pumped about this new bible, bag, these books of hope, and just for the school year! I'm giving it everything I got!!!!!

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